Lower Crystal Springs Dam NHCEL Nomination
San Francisco Section ASCE

Supporting Documents

It is not the intent to include the scanned documents in the nomination report,
but to extract from them information that would serve to justify the nomination
of Lower Crystal Springs Dam as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

                                 A Water Supply for San Francisco
                                 The Water Supply of San Francisco Before, During and After
                                 the Earthquake of April 18, 1906 - Hermann Schussler
                                 The Future Water Supply of San Francisco
                                 Hermann Schussler - 1912
                                 The Water Supply of San Francisco
                                 H.M. Chittenden - 1912
                                 Gravity Dams - USCOLD Book                                                                   
                                 San Francisco Water System Diagram 1933                                                 
                                 ASCE Plaque Images